Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Electronic Energy Meters Overestimate Actual Energy Consumption

Some electronic energy meters can give false readings that are up to 582% higher than actual energy consumption. The author of a new report estimates that potentially inaccurate meters have been installed in the meter cabinets of at least 750,000 Dutch households.

Chemists Create Molecular ‘Leaf’ That Collects and Stores Solar Power Without...

An international research team has engineered a molecule that uses light or electricity to convert the greenhouse gas carbon dioxide into carbon monoxide -- a carbon-neutral fuel source -- more efficiently than any other method of "carbon reduction." The discovery is a new milestone in the quest to recycle carbon dioxide in the Earth's atmosphere into carbon-neutral fuels and others materials.

Head Injuries Can Alter Hundreds of Genes and Lead to Serious...

Head injuries can adversely affect hundreds of genes in the brain that put people at high risk for diseases including Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, post-traumatic stress disorder, stroke, ADHD, autism, depression and schizophrenia, life scientists report. The researchers have identified for the first time potential master genes which they believe control hundreds of other genes that are linked to many neurological and psychiatric disorders.

Improving Memory with Magnets

The ability to remember sounds, and manipulate them in our minds, is incredibly important to our daily lives -- without it we would not be able to understand a sentence, or do simple arithmetic. New research is shedding light on how sound memory works, and is even demonstrating a means to improve it.

Scientists Monitor Crosstalk Between Intestinal Microbes and Immune System

The human gut is home to some 100 trillion bacteria, comprising between 250 and 500 species. This astounding array of organisms, collectively known as...

How Sperm Swim Revealed in Mathematical Formula

Researchers have developed a mathematical formula based on the rhythmic movement of a sperm's head and tail, which significantly reduces the complexities of understanding and predicting how sperm make the difficult journey towards fertilizing an egg.



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