Monday, February 19, 2018

Ancient Humans Arrived in South America in Multiple Waves

Analysis of ancient human skulls found in southeastern Brazil are providing new insights into the complex narrative of human migration from our origins in...

Americans Are Having Sex Less Often

While the topic of sex is less taboo than it was a generation ago, that doesn't necessarily mean people are having more of it. According to a new study, Americans who were married or living together had sex 16 fewer times per year in 2010-2014 compared to 2000-2004. The survey also found that overall, Americans had sex about nine fewer times per year in 2010-2014 compared to 1995-1999.

New Risk Factors for Anxiety Disorders

Mental, social and inherited factors all play a role in anxiety disorders. In the journal "Molecular Psychiatry", a research team from Julius-Maximilians-Universit├Ąt W├╝rzburg (JMU) in Bavaria, Germany, describes a hitherto unknown genetic pathway for developing such diseases:

Whole-Body Vibration as Good as Regular Exercise?

A less strenuous form of exercise known as whole-body vibration (WBV) can mimic the muscle and bone health benefits of regular exercise in mice, according to a new study. WBV consists of a person sitting, standing or lying on a machine with a vibrating platform. When the machine vibrates, it transmits energy to the body, and muscles contract and relax multiple times during each second.

How Reliable are Traditional Wildlife Surveys?

How accurate are traditional wildlife surveys? The Rocky Mountain Sandhill Crane is helping us fine tune the estimates from these surveys.

How Sperm Swim Revealed in Mathematical Formula

Researchers have developed a mathematical formula based on the rhythmic movement of a sperm's head and tail, which significantly reduces the complexities of understanding and predicting how sperm make the difficult journey towards fertilizing an egg.



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