Thursday, June 22, 2017

Why Pandas are Black and White

The giant panda's distinct black-and-white markings have two functions: camouflage and communication. The study found that most of the panda -- its face, neck, belly, rump -- is white to help it hide in snowy habitats. The arms and legs are black, helping it to hide in shade.

Could Fast Radio Bursts be Powering Alien Probes?

Newly published research suggests that mysterious phenomena called fast radio bursts could be evidence of advanced alien technology. Specifically, these bursts might be leakage from planet-sized transmitters powering interstellar probes in distant galaxies.

Diamonds That Deliver

Neutrons, simulation analysis of tRNA-nanodiamond combo could transform drug delivery design principles.

Brain Is 10 Times More Active Than Previously Measured

A new study could change scientists' understanding of how the brain works -- and could lead to new approaches for treating neurological disorders and for developing computers that 'think' more like humans.

Gene Found to Cause Sudden Death in Young People

A new gene that can lead to sudden death among young people and athletes has now been identified by an international team of researchers. The gene, called CDH2, causes arrhythmogenic right ventricle cardiomyopathy (ARVC), which is a genetic disorder that predisposes patients to cardiac arrest and is a major cause of unexpected death in seemingly healthy young people.

How Sperm Swim Revealed in Mathematical Formula

Researchers have developed a mathematical formula based on the rhythmic movement of a sperm's head and tail, which significantly reduces the complexities of understanding and predicting how sperm make the difficult journey towards fertilizing an egg.



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